Posted:  11/26/2014 5:31 am UTC  

Precious Silva - Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Philadelphia, PA, United States (4E) - A new research suggests that parents who see sex and violence in movies and television may get so accustomed to the content, that they up having lower standards when it comes to what they allow their children to watch.

In the study, parents who successively viewed several videos of movie violence became desensitized after some time, and they had lower standards on what they would let their kids to see.

The researchers particularly point out that violent scenes in PG-13 films have grown to be more graphic for the last several decades.

Lead author Daniel Romer of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia said, "W...

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Posted:  11/26/2014 5:30 am UTC  

Nikko Villanueva - 4E Sports Contributor

Pittsburgh, PA, United States (4E Sports) - Running back LeGarrette Blount was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers after being reported leaving the field ahead of a 27-24 win over the Tennessee Titans.

According to ESPN, reports said Steelers defensive assistant Joey Porter saw Blount leave for the team bus with the game unfinished.

He returned after being called back into the locker room but quickly left before postgame interviews.

"We believe the decision to release LeGarrette is in the best interest of the organization and wish him the best of luck," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stated.

Blount inked a two-year, $3.85 million deal with the Steelers after a playoff run with the Patriots.


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Jose Castro - Fourth Estate Contributor

Calgary, AB, Canada (4E) - Talisman Energy, the Canadian oil producer, said it had been approached by a number of companies for a possible deal. Amongst those parties was Repsol SA from Spain.

Despite the possibilities, Talisman said ther... Read More

Washington, DC, United States (KaiserHealth) - Right about now, some low-income people who just barely qualified for subsidies on the health insurance marketplace are starting to worry: What if my income for the year ends up below the poverty level? Will I have to pay back the premium tax credi... Read More


Fitzgerald Cecilio - 4E Sports Reporter

Philadelphia, PA, United States (4E Sports) - Jayvaughn Pinkston recorded a double-double with 25 points and 10 boards while Darrun Hilliard added 23 points to carry No. 7 Villanova to a come-from-behind 82-77 overtime win over Syracuse at Wel... Read More

Fitzgerald Cecilio - 4E Sports Reporter

New York, NY, United States (4E Sports) - NBA commissioner Adam Silver believes that no team in the league is tanking to boost its chances for next year's rookie draft.

"I absolutely don't think any team is trying to lose," Silver said. "No... Read More


June Javelosa - Fourth Estate Contributor, Local News Philadelphia Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) - Congratulations to TV reality stars, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick . ... Read More

Tep Mayo - Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Philadelphia, PA, United States (4E) - Former "Saturday Night Live" writer and standup comedian Hannibal Buress, 33, calls Bill Cosby a "rapist and a sanctimonious hypocrite" during a stand-up performance on Thursday night during the Philad... Read More


Windsor Genova - Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Baltimore, MD, United States (4E) - Republicans in races for governor were in the same celebratory mood as their party's victorious senatorial bets Wednesday after getting elected in at least 10 states in Tuesday's polls.

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Washington, DC, United States (KaiserHealth) - Tuesday's re-election of Republican governors in closely contested races in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Maine and Kansas dims the chances of Medicaid expansion in those states.

Advocates hoping for Democratic victories in those states were... Read More